Clients say Mary Pat is Laser Focused, Inspirational and Results Driven

“Mary Pat Knight is an expert at using her “victim / villain / hero” concept to address and resolve conflicts. We learned effective ways to call out others – and to recognize behaviors in ourselves. Being equipped with the tools of Emotional Intelligence enables our teams to recognize and resolve conflicts when they come up – they don’t fester. There is no doubt: Teams with a solid understanding of Emotional Intelligence are our highest performing teams – the most productive teams, by far.”

Susan Thaden

CEO, Client Resources Inc.

“Mary Pat has given me the skills to be clear and effective in my communication. I also learned from her how matching my vision, words, and actions creates an energy of trust in those who look to me for leadership.  In my career as a professional speaker, I frequently speak and work alongside some of the top coaches and business leaders in the country. I feel that Mary Pat’s leadership skills and ability to inspire others is equal or beyond any of the hundreds I’ve worked with over the past 30 years.”

Debra Poneman

Founder/CEO, Yes to Success, Inc.

“Mary Pat recognizes each person’s brilliance and uses it to help them grow and develop as leaders. She is able to navigate difficult subjects and difficult subject matter and does it professionally and with candor. Employees at all stages of their careers are learning lessons that benefit them both personally and professionally. Those who are committed to their own professional growth are growing, and our is business growing as a result!”

Karen Wilson

CEO, MAKE Corporation

“Direct and focused is the best way to describe Mary Pat Knight. She leads you through the process of self-discovery and is there to assist you while you do the work. She is the master of putting people at ease and bringing out the best in everyone in the room. Mary Pat is not intimidated by titles or positions – she is able to have a difficult conversation and still get positive results.”

Daniel Joseph

Vice President, Blue Plate Catering Chicago

“Strategic planning processes can be formulaic, but Mary Pat Knight’s is not. She is open to what shows up and dives deep to get information when interacting with senior level leaders. In the area of team development, she took a group whose attention was on the day-to-day and shifted their focus to the marketplace. Changing their perspective helped them identify where to gain market share and grow the company.”

Nancy Sharp

CEO, Food for Thought Enterprises

“Working with Mary Pat one-on-one made me more effective as a leader. When my business experienced explosive growth she helped me work through my “lonely at the top” issues. She held me accountable to my own values, allowed me to have my own process, and helped me to learn how to handle difficult business situations in a compassionate way.”

Regina Webster

Founder and Former CEO, Regina Webster Associates

“Mary Pat’s insight, inspiration, and business acumen play a vital role in helping organizations engage their teams and get them into action. She teaches how to have a tough conversation that creates a connection AND nurtures improvement in the employee. She is one of the best I know in the area of human and organizational development.”

Cathy Fitzhenry

Board Chair, Vistage International

“Mary Pat is one of the most laser focused, dynamic business leaders I have ever worked with. She inspires teams to rally and to move mountains.”

Matthew McMillin

Partner, CoopersHawk Restaurants

“Mary Pat Knight is a leader who cares deeply, not only about the success of the organization, but also about the individual people who drive the organization.”

Kate Leth

PHR President, Inspired Consulting