It Takes Courage to Transform

Leaders Inspired works with executives, entrepreneurs and business owners who are serious about inviting exceptional outcomes into their businesses and lives.

This work is transformative and not for the faint of heart. Mary Pat Knight leads the Leaders Inspired team to ensure coaching, mentoring, and training programs are centered on learning, development and taking action to achieve results.

Best results come to high energy, success-minded people who are serious about building the business and lifestyle of their dreams. People who enjoy working quickly and purposefully to reach their goals love working with Mary Pat and the team at Leaders Inspired.

Leadership Mastery™ Signature System

It is a well-documented fact that leaders who possess a high level of Emotional Intelligence are not only more satisfied in their work and professional lives, they also achieve a higher level of business results.

The Leadership Mastery™ System is a multi-part, team based, deep dive into Leadership and Emotional Intelligence that is designed to bring a team to greater self-awareness and higher team cohesion and commitment.

The System includes:

  • Challenging the mindset and behaviors that create the comfort zone
  • Breaking through the workplace drama and chaos to collaboration
  • Communicating with precision so that you and others know expectations
  • How to create accountability through solid commitments
  • The value of candor and how to navigate difficult conversations truthfully
  • Discover genius, purpose, and living in integrity and authenticity as a leader

Teams completing this system are not the same. It’s guaranteed transformation complete with focus, accountability, engagement and results!

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Family Business Transformation Consulting

When it comes to transforming (and growing) a family business, both family and non-family working in the business can feel overwhelmed. Competing priorities, lack of accountability and absence of a clear strategy are barriers to business transformation. This is especially true when face to face with family history and the underlying dynamics.

Mary Pat has developed a simple, yet powerful, system for putting the elephant in the room, inviting frank and open conversations, unwinding history, transforming the business culture and creating a path to preserve the family while growing the business.  Here are a few of the transformational processes that have been effective.

  1. Signature Leadership Mastery Program:  see above
  2. Family/Non-Family Leadership Executive Retreat: An executive level signature program designed to explore the high-level concepts found in the 6-month program with an emphasis on cohesion, high performance and team values.
  3. VIP Private Coaching Retreat:  A one-day personal one-on-one leadership coaching day for the CEO or the small family leadership team designed to identify and create as strategy to tackle your most pressing leadership issues. This is for the fast-tracker who doesn’t want to wait weeks for results
  4. Executive Leadership Coaching:  Mary Pat and her master coaches will work with a selective few individuals to support them to develop the highest impact possible as an emotionally intelligent leader. Powerful, no-nonsense, frank and customized to the issues identified by the client as high value.

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Everybody Needs A Coach – Executive Coaching

Business owners and entrepreneurs who leverage their time and manage their resources effectively enjoy more of the good life – which is why they started their business in the first place!

Understanding their professional and personal strengths, purpose, and values ensures that they, and their teams, are operating at peak effectiveness.

Mary Pat’s coaching style is direct factual, neutral and kind. 

  • Challenge and shift your mindset
  • Recognize outdated behaviors and choose to change
  • Communicate more powerfully so others know what you want and when you want it
  • Develop executive presence
  • What to delegate and what to do yourself
  • Create accountability systems for yourself and for others
  • Discover your core strengths, purpose, and values to align professionally and personally

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Develop Your Core Staff and Next-Level Leaders

An engaged and properly trained workforce is more productive, more effective and delivers business results. Mary Pat has developed more than 25 proprietary training programs for numerous companies including:

  • Successful People Management
  • Congratulations You’re a Manager!  Now What?!
  • Training Excellence – Train the Trainer Skills
  • Lead Now! – Management and Executive Leadership Skills
  • Communicate to Build Rapport
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Mary Pat and the Leaders Inspired team also delivers customized training in time management, difficult conversations and goal setting.

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