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From a communication perspective, most of us listen with our own agenda playing in the background and few listen with the concentrated attention required during a termination. We move swiftly toward expressing our point and then quickly move on, preparing still to present more of our own viewpoints without ever fully listening to understand what the other person is trying to express. In a termination or layoff conversation, listening is required—out of respect, but also to avoid exacerbating the situation.

When you are dealing with termination for cause, those terminations are viewed as harsh or even as punishment. The goal of coaching and counseling prior to termination is to modify or improve behaviors that don’t meet the standards, not to punish the employee. It stands to reason that a termination should

Have You Ever Been Faced with the Unpleasant, Even Heart-Wrenching, Task of Terminating Employees?

Discover what to say, how to protect your company … and how gracefully lead a highly emotional conversation

Terminating employees is one of the most difficult things you have to do as a leader.

Terminating employees during periods of extraordinary stress and crisis, such as we’re facing now with the COVID-19 pandemic, is even harder. 

The principles you’ll discover in The Compassionate Termination will help you lead these difficult conversations with skill, while navigating tricky emotional waters. My highest hope is that you’re able to take care of business, as you must do as the leader … while also taking care of the precious people who have played a role in your company’s success.


Download your free copy of The Compassionate Termination to discover:

  • 7 characteristics of poor terminations … and why these are so important to avoid
  • The 2 root causes that fuel contention and confrontation
  • How to transform a termination into a compassionate conversation that serves your departing employee
  • 10 key principles of terminating an employee with compassion and respect
  • The 3-phase process to terminate an employee with compassion — while protecting your company from adverse reactions