Leaders Inspired is in the business of supporting leadership transformation for individuals and their teams. 

Transformation is a big concept. The dictionary defines it as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.  Someone who aspires to be a leader who inspires others, will go through many transformations.  As a mindset shifts, as a paradigm falls away or as a new skill is mastered, there is a dramatic change in form (thought and action) and appearance (how new leaders show up in the world).  It is possible and it is likely that when you begin to intentionally develop your leadership abilities, you will be dramatically different on the other side of your journey.

Transformation is not easy as it requires you to stretch beyond where you are right now.  Human beings like to be comfortable and often sit in the same mess, rooted inside comfort zones, for years and years, convinced that they are satisfied until that one day…

One day you wake up and have the thought, “my world is pretty small”.  You feel the stagnation.  You begin to yearn for a challenge.  You feel frustrated with your current circumstance. Or you may be just plain old bored.

This is a danger zone and you have a choice – you can choose to create a a leadership path or a drama path. Without clarity, emotional intelligence and self-awareness, you could act out on the frustration.  You could pick a fight or create a drama simply to feel something again. Adrenaline is a heady substitute for energy and movement. 

Or you could commit to another kind of movement – your transformation.  The transformational journey begins with a single step of changing your circumstance or challenging your thought process, beliefs or behaviors.  One single act of listening to create connection or one great question that gets you out of a victim cycle is a huge leap forward.  And not just for you.  As a leader, others are also watching you. You make it possible for others to believe they can do something different, too.

You may still be assailed with mindset chatter.  “You can’t.”  “It’s impossible.”  “Who do you think you are?”  These are the voices of safety.  They want to keep you safe inside what is already known.  They are not in favor of any kind of leaps at all, except a giant leap back inside the comfort zone.

Being human is about growing and stretching and moving beyond the boundaries.  You can go there kicking and screaming, or you can embrace the growth and move at whatever pace is appropriate for you.  Some are comfortable leaping off the mountain without a net and others want to climb the mountain step by easy step, using the braces and stabilizing poles and special boots.

Whatever way you navigate the change of transformation and growth, the only thing that remains is the fact that to be a human being is to be a human growing.  If we are not growing, we are stagnant and small.  The more stagnation, the greater the opportunity for dysfunctional thinking and behavior, poor relations with others and a blockage of any connection you may have to greater wisdom.

Transformation is a leap of faith. To commit to being “dramatically changed in form” takes courage.  Where do you need to take a leap of faith?  Where do you need to turn impossible to possible? Where do you need to trust the growth, knowing that inspired action is going to lead you someplace magnificent?

Take the first step.  Transformation, expansion and growth are your birthright.


One of the aspects of transformation is self awareness. At the base of transformation is self awareness intertwined with emotional intelligence. If you are curious about your Emotional Intelligence skills, I’ve created a quiz for you.  Click Here  to go to the What’s Your Leadership EQ quiz. A few short questions and you will receive your results and a little extra coaching by email to help elevate from where you are now.