6644037141_1887152d64_oPeople LOVE to be recognized.  Some prefer public recognition and others prefer a quiet, private handshake.  The Emotionally Intelligent Leader will pick up the clues and offer the best recognition to fit the individual.

Today is a day to celebrate success – just because it makes you feel better, too.  As with every muscle you are toning, the muscle of appreciation needs a good work out often.  Spend the day in appreciation and see what magic you create.

Here are some tips to get you started….

1.  You always get more of what you put your attention to

  • Negativity loves company and positivity does as well.  Spend the day noticing all that is positive.  Watch what gets created for you during the day.

2.  People don’t care how much you know, they care how much you CARE

  • Sometimes it is difficult to care when you are in the small mind of assumptions or opinions.  Put aside your notions and connect.  Be forewarned that this leap out of your comfort zone can cause addictive good feelings!

3.  A well placed personal or public thank you is a well-placed deposit in the emotional bank account

  • Why do people withhold appreciation?  It takes so little effort to recognize and sincerely thank another for their efforts.  Remember, you lose nothing by expressing appreciation.

4.  Sincere appreciation, not the purchase of happiness

  • Thanks and celebrations don’t have to come replete with gift cards and money.  Repetitive and formulaic appreciation creates an expectation that minimizes the recognition offered.  Make a sincere thank you a habit and see what you can create.

5.  Ring the bell!!

  • Encourage your staff to celebrate themselves.  The big sale or the completed project completed comes with a bell ring.  That way all can celebrate.  Create your own version of ring the bell and then whoop it up!

I appreciate YOU.  To your leadership success!

Mary Pat Knight, CEO of Leaders Inspired, is a Transformation Strategist, Speaker, Facilitator, and Coach committed to leadership and emotional intelligence in the workplace. She is known for cutting through corporate drama to create laser focus for powerful business and personal results for her clients. 

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