mothers-leaders-businessCelebrating Mother’s Day last weekend I bowed in reverence to the juggling act of motherhood.

Mothers (and inspired leaders) are skilled at managing everything from multiple schedules to financial planning; from creating visions (usually for your children!) to trusting that the course correction is for the best; from standing up to small-minded teachers and celebrating with those who really get your child; from navigating the tricky waters of letting go and allowing the mistakes to teach, to hovering and micro-managing (and apologizing or justifying later).

All of these “from and to’s” are a virtual MBA in entrepreneurship.

The mother is the uber entrepreneur.

Learning to engage and lead from motherhood:

  1. Conceive and birth the idea
  2. Nurture and celebrate the milestones
  3. Plan for success and stay flexible for change
  4. Balance direction versus micro-managing
  5. Let mistakes be learning points
  6. Let go when it’s time
  7. Enjoy the wisdom years

Leaders and entrepreneurs – who knew that motherhood had so much to teach us about business?!